Whatever problem you're struggling with, God can heal
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About Melissa

I was raised in a family where it was natural to rely on God to meet every need. This included financial and relationship issues, grief, as well as pain, ill health, and injury. As a child, I found that my own prayers - not just my parents' - brought results.

What I know of God, good, has come through my study of Christian Science. Turning to God at all times, trusting divine Love (another name for God) to guide and guard me has brought blessings to me and my family. And the fresh, spiritual insights I continue to learn, help me to understand that disease, fear, and harm are no part of God's creation and can be healed permanently through prayer.

In 1994 I began to advertise in my local phone book as a Christian Science Practitioner. I had come to learn like never before, of the deeply tender love of God, and the ever-presence of good, through a healing of sorrow and anger after a divorce. Being raised in Christian Science I had experienced many healings, but this one was thoroughly transformative. This new-old inspiration filled my heart with the desire to share what I was learning with others.

Over the next few years my healing practice expanded until it filled all my time. I became Journal-listed in 2005, which means I had completed a certification process, verifying that I could understandingly and successfully apply the teachings of Christian Science as a means of healing. From my office in Portland, Oregon, I accept requests for treatment through prayer from people all over the world.